My Gear

We all have our favourite photography brands and equipment.

This is my list of essentials and non-essential items to create images.



  • Nikon D810. This is my main camera body at the moment. I will soon upgrade to the D850.
  • Fuji X-Pro 2 . I still have the X-Pro 1, which I use when doing street photography because it's smaller, lighter, and much more discreet than my Nikon full-frame bodies.



  • Nikkor 14-24 f2.8 . Super-wide angle zoom that is great to create dramatic landscape images. It will distort the image in the corners because of the angle of view, of course, but it's becoming my favourite lens. 
  • Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 . Standard zoom lens ideal for travel photography. It's just wide enough and long enough to cover most situations inside the built environment of cities.
  • Tamron 70-200 f2.8 . My only telephoto lens at the moment. I bought this instead of Nikon's own brand because of the price difference. It's good for most situations, but it does have problems resolving smaller details. There's an updated version of this lens, but my is still doing what it does best and I'm happy with it.



  • SIRUI T-1204X . Light and small, so good for travelling. I bought it after a colleague recommended it, and I have no regrets. 
  • SIRUI G-20X Ball Head . It's small, affordable and relatively light-weight, which were deciding factors for me. It's not the best head there is, but it gets the job done.



    • Nikon DK-19 Rubber Eyecup . This will make your life better. It simply allows you to press your eye into the eyecup, thus covering light-spill and allowing you to see more clearly. I'm also about to start using a DK-17M, which enlarges the viewfinder size by 1.2x.