Dusk in Verona
Dusk in Verona

Dusk in Verona

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Fernando Carniel Machado

Cityscape photographic fine art colour print of Verona, Veneto, Italy. Unframed, unmounted, with white borders.

Print life: 40 years exposed to daylight, 80 years in archival conditions.
Date shot: 10th May 2016.

"Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean."
- Romeo and Juliet (1.1), William Shakespeare.

It's easy to imagine why Verona was chosen to set the scene for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Verona is a very romantic city, with plenty of beauty for an urban explorer. The scene in this print can be seen from Castel San Pietro, atop the ruins of an ancient Roman theatre. The streets of Verona slowly light up with their tungsten-yellow lamps when dusk arrives.

This image is printed on Fuji Gloss, an extra smooth, medium gloss C-Type professional photographic archival paper, 246gsm in weight.